CardioScope develops partnerships with clinics of all sizes to provide a tailored suite of services to improve cardiac patient care.

CardioScope is able to partner with GP family clinics, specialist clinics and hospitals, taking into consideration the demographic of your patient group to establish a cardiac diagnostic service that is centrally based within your facility; thereby increasing the delivery of cardiac care to your patients.

In partnership with your organisation, CardioScope will provide any or all of the below services to complement the practice of doctors in your clinic:

Equipment involving Holter, Ambulatory BP and ECG Monitors

Monitors will be provided to your clinic free of charge to use as required, expanding the internal services your clinic can provide; your clinic will also be provided a rebate to cover the cost of time taken to put on the monitor. Clinic staff­ can be trained in the use of holter and ambulatory blood pressure monitors and interpretation of diagnostic readings.

Consumables required for the running of the equipment provided

High quality hypoallergenic consumables are provided free of charge in addition to ongoing technical support.

Analysis by Australian cardiac physiologists

Australian-trained cardiac physiologists specialised in cardiac rhythm management and electrophysiology thoroughly analyse all data ensuring accurate reporting.

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In-depth and conclusive reports by experienced cardiologists

CardioScope will provide a comprehensive report including a conclusion from our highly qualified cardiologists to guide practitioners to provide the correct treatment response.


CardioScope is able to extend its services to support research trials and studies to contribute expertise and practice knowledge to various aspects of cardiac research and development.

This can include the evaluation of pharmaceutical products and the diagnosis and treatment of heart abnormalities in specific groups of interest, such as particular genetic disorders (i.e. congenital abnormalities), professional subgroups (i.e. athletes), and other fields of exploration.

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CardioScope looks forward to assisting you in setting up this service for your patients thus offering a higher level of care that is centrally based in your clinic.